Welcome to my website.  I’m a Shetland-born artist living and working in West Yorkshire.  Aside from my day job as an IT consultant, I am a keen painter and drawer, specialising in landscapes and particularly architecture.

I receive many commissions for buildings and locations special to people’s hearts, such as family homes and wedding venues.

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in commissioning a piece from me or are interested in any of items in my gallery page.

My artwork starts at approximately £200 for A3 sized pieces, but please get in touch to discuss what you need and I’ll give you a more accurate price.

See below for my latest pieces, or head straight to the gallery to see my portfolio.

Ketchikan Harbour, Alaska, USA

Private commission of a fascinating little harbour in Alaska

PSS Waverley, Brodick and Goatfell

A new commission in watercolour of the PSS Waverley, with Brodick Castle and Goatfell on the isle of Arran in the background. A private commission for a client's father. It was well received by the recipient and the wider family.

Springkell House

A private commission of a beautiful house and grounds near Dumfries, south west Scotland.

Adel Church, Leeds

Private commission of a delightful little church in the Adel area of north Leeds, Yorkshire.


Fine line drawings and watercolours